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After Noah: Five Potential Blockbusters from the Book of Genesis

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Hollywood’s quest for sex, violence and disaster (or, better yet, the intersection of all three) is as voracious as British Petroleum’s quest for oil.  Now, with the dollars rolling in from the latest biblical blockbuster, Noah,— $160M globally and counting—the … Continue reading

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Child-Friendly Faith Project

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Does religion help children or harm them? Viewpoints range from those who believe that it is impossible to raise loving, moral children without faith to those who see religious immersion as child abuse. Author Janet Heimlich (Breaking their Will) believes … Continue reading

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God’s Emotions 9: A Maker of Gods

Note:  This concludes the series, “God’s Emotions: Why the Biblical God is so Very Human.”  Parts 1-8  are available at this website, Awaypoint.wordpress.com. Man is, and always has been, a maker of gods. It has been the most serious and … Continue reading

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God’s Emotions 6: Pleasing a High Status Deity (Supplication, Adulation, and Subservience)

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Note:  This is Part Six in a series, “God’s Emotions: Why the Biblical God is so Very Human.”  Parts 1-5 are available at http://www.awaypoint.wordpress.com. Imam Muhammed Baquir is said to have related this illustrative fable:  “Finding I could speak the … Continue reading

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Getting God’s Self-Appointed Messengers Out of Your Head

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The self appointed messengers of God are legion.  Some lived thousands of years ago; some stand weekly in front of thousands of people.  Some lecture you from the pulpit; some lecture you when you go home for the holidays.  And … Continue reading

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